September 22, 2019
Online course platform with integrations / Web development / Optimisation
The Waiters Academy

01. Website development and course system for the students


Our web development agency was approached to create an online learning system for the Waiter Academy. The goal of the project was to create a convenient and user-friendly design that would cater to people of all ages, providing courses containing lessons, tests, and presentations for the students of the Waiter Academy.

Objectives: We are proud to announce that we exceeded all the objectives set for the Waiter Academy Development Project:

  1. We achieved #1 ranking on Google for “waiters academy,” thanks to our on-page and off-page SEO optimization efforts.
  2. We created an easy-to-manage learning system that provided a hassle-free learning experience for the students of the Waiter Academy. The learning management system included lessons, tests, and presentations, making it comprehensive and easy to use.
  3. We developed a design that was suitable for people of all ages, with easy-to-use navigation and clear visuals. The design was optimized for all devices, making it accessible to everyone.
  4. We created a Complete Waiter Academy with ratings and stats for each student, providing them with a comprehensive learning experience.

Deliverables: The Waiter Academy Development Project included the following deliverables:

  1. A responsive website design that was optimized for all devices
  2. Development of a learning management system with lessons, tests, and presentations
  3. Implementation of a rating and statistics system for each student
  4. On-page and off-page SEO optimization to achieve the #1 ranking on Google for “waiters academy”
  5. Comprehensive user manual to facilitate easy management of the learning system

02. Exceeding ex[ectatopms

We are thrilled to have exceeded the expectations for the Waiter Academy Development Project. Our web development agency worked diligently to deliver a high-quality learning system that was easy to use, convenient, and user-friendly. We are proud to have achieved the #1 ranking on Google for “waiters academy” and provided a complete learning experience for the students of the Waiter Academy. This project has been a valuable addition to our portfolio, showcasing our skills and expertise in web development.

03. Website